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(front row l-r):  Jo Ann Tyler, Latasha Hawkins, Chelon Abrahms, (Senior Program Manager); Edward Hartzog, (Project Manager) 

(back Row l-r): Kenneth Santa Marina, Paula Joseph, Torian Peabody, Jake Johnson

We are tremendously proud of the Administrative and Support Services Team working at The Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) and Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) offices, in New Orleans.  This team has been repeatedly commended on their performance, by the customers they serve. 


 An example of their teamwork and superior customer service was their support of the BSEE Emerging Leaders Program's (LDP) commencement ceremony. Below are some of the glowing remarks from an email written by one of the coordinators of the event:

"The entire staff went out of their way to assist the BSEE LDP's staff with enthusiasm, professionalism and tremendous teamwork.  Their pleasant attitudes and teamwork was a joy to see. They even provided assistance to us after hours."


We salute the ISI - BSEE Administrative and Support Services Team!!  Keep shining like the stars you are!!!

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